September 16, 2015


China Glaze® Nail Lacquer partnered once again with celebrity manicurist Casey Herman as lead nail artist at contemporary fashion brand Clover Canyon presented its Spring/Summer 2016 collection during Spring/Summer 2016 New York Fashion Week. Cascading flowers, laser cut dresses and a bouquet of color were complemented with a wash of iridescence using the classic China Glaze® shade, Rainbow.

Design Inspiration:

Designing a nail look to go with a collection filled with modern designs that still had a vintage vibe, Herman knew the manicure needed to be timeless. “The Clover Canyon collection is so colorful so we wanted a shade that would give the nails a clean, fresh, almost luminescent finish to complement the clothing. China Glaze® Rainbow is such a soft, pretty shade and looked beautiful on every skin tone. Just one coat was all it took for the perfect finished look.” Herman and her team kept the nails simple yet beautiful, first cleaning, shaping and lightly buffing each models’ nails before applying a thin coat of China Glaze® Rainbow. The sheer Mother of Pearl finish flattered a variety of skin tones, and leant an elegant balance to the bright bursts of purple, pink, green and blue in the designs.

China Glaze® Gotta Go Top Coat will be available in November 2015 at fine beauty supply stores and salons nationwide as .5 fl oz open stock and six-piece counter display, and a 16 fl oz professional size refill.

How To:

  1. Clean nails, paying particular attention to the cuticles and underneath, and shape as needed
  2. Gently buff to smooth any ridges or other imperfections
  3. Paint one thin coat of Rainbow
  4. If in a hurry, spray with Fast Freeze Quick Dry Spray
  5. Apply Orange Cuticle Oil as needed to keep nails healthy and cuticles moisturized

China Glaze® Product Used:

  • Rainbow
  • Orange Cuticle Oil
  • Fast Freeze Quick Dry Spray